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Colormancer is a color correction plugin that lets you tweak contrast, brightness, and saturation to breathe life into your images. Colormancer makes colors more vibrant and cuts through the haze of your photographs.

Download the free demo now and try Colormancer on your own images, or read on to find out more about the advantages of our product.

Putting Polish into Photoshop

Photoshop's plugins are good and can definitely be used to achieve similar results. However, Colormancer improves upon built-in Photoshop filters in the following areas:

1- No color shifts when adjusting brightness and contrast

A Curves adjustment on RGB values can desaturate highlights and increase saturation in other tonal ranges. Colormancer is designed to avoid this color shifting by maintaining a constant ratio between the red, green, and blue values of each pixel. The result is more natural looking colors when brightness or contrast is pushed hard.

Contrast increased via the Curves Photoshop Plugin Contrast increased via our Photoshop plugin

Contrast increased via Curves adjustment (RGB mode)

Contrast increased via Colormancer

*Roll-over the images to see the original.

2- Saturation that avoids noise and neon colors

When it comes to adjusting saturation, existing tools tend to incorrectly separate saturation from luminance. This causes changes in saturation to 'bleed' into the luminance channel. These errors cause visibly increased noise and causes colors to appear neon as shown in the comparison below.

Colormancer avoids the added noise by following color science principles. It performs intermediate calculations in the linear light domain, thus maintaining constant luminance (per the color science definition).

saturation increased via Hue/Saturation does not deliver the best results saturation increased 3x via Colormancer delivers the best results
Saturation increased via Hue/Saturation adjustment (+87) Saturation increased 3X via Colormancer

*Roll-over the images to see the original.

3- Highly Targeted Color Correction

Colormancer comes bundled with Selective Color, a filter that allows color corrections to be limited based on color (along yellow-blue and cyan-red axes), luminance, and color strength. (Photoshop's Hue/Saturation adjustment cannot isolate based on luminance.) This plugin can pick apart the image to only affect the hue, saturation, or luminance of very specific user-selectable color ranges. 993859 993859

The Bottom Line

Photoshop's existing plugins are good tools and can definitely produce good results. If you are satisfied with the quality of Photoshop's built-in tools, then please don't buy our product. But if good simply isn't good enough for you (or your clients!), then you need to make sure you can deliver the highest quality images.

Download the free demo and try Colormancer on your own images.

When you are ready, you can buy Colormancer from our online store.

*Colormancer is also compatible with Irfanview and Paint Shop Pro. View product features and system requirements.

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Featured Review

"Colormancer is an integral part of out toolset and workflow. The results just look good to our eyes."

-Digital Outback Photo


See examples of Colormancer in action.

Before color correction After color correction

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Colormancer Photoshop Plugin

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