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Available for licensing: any of the image algorithms behind our color enhancement and (spatial) noise reduction tools. Our free plug-ins (e.g. white balance / highlight recovery) are also available for licensing.

Noise reduction highlights

Noise removal without blurry edges, worms, color smearing, excessive loss of detail, or other unwanted artifacts.

Proprietary algorithm; does not use wavelets.

Low memory usage. Can operate on tiled sections of an image instead of the entire image at once.

Color enhancement highlights

The saturation algorithm:

  • does not exaggerate noise (unlike HSL and chroma gain)
  • does not make colors appear too bright and "neon" (unlike chroma gain)
  • does not have color shifts such as blue turning purple (unlike Lab).

Adjust contrast without affecting hue and saturation.

See our color enhancement algorithms white paper.

Why license?

  • Reduce development costs.
  • Reduce risk. You do not run the danger of developing algorithms with mediocre image quality.
  • Quality output. We believe that our noise reduction and color enhancement algorithms deliver professional quality results. But please judge for yourself by requesting an evaluation copy or by downloading the demo versions (watermarked).

Why license with us?

  • Flexible licensing terms. We would like to work with you to fit your needs whether it is the structure of payment (lump-sum, royalty, etc.), exclusivity, or whatever else your needs may be.
  • Fair and reasonable pricing. We would only like to do deals which are fair and reasonable to both parties.


Please email licensing [at]


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