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This is a compilation of comments about Boundary Noise Reduction as found on Google and forums.

If you do your own Google search, it is suggested that you search for something such as:

"boundary noise reduction" -torrent -rapidshare -hotfile -"adobe marketplace"

This will filter out all the spam sites that claim to let you download BNR illegally. Note that no such free download exists and some of these sites may even try to trick you into paying for a download that does not exist. You can also filter out the adobe marketplace as many of the webpages are redundant. You can search the forums by searching the following on Google

"boundary noise reduction"


  • Jerry's Digiscoping blog
    Since I have Noiseware already on my desktop, I'll continue to use it for my most critical image processing. However, I'll have no hesitations about using this Freeware package on my laptop or computer at work. If you are looking for a free noise reduction package then look no further.

  • Nadir magazine (translated via Google | original article in Italian)
    The more complex the discourse on the commercial version, which costs $ 65 U.S. and therefore is in direct competition with products like Noise Ninja or Neat Image (which have prices ranging from roughly 30 to $ 80, depending on version chosen): not seems to emerge a winner (or loser) by comparing the net, then having to adopt a payment instrument in our view should download the demo (all three of the software mentioned make them available) and examine what is the one that best suited to their way of working. The various functions offered or not offered, in fact, be filtered with their own personal preferences and should be the main criterion for choosing between the products mentioned above, given that overall costs and benefits are aligned.

  • AltraOttica (translation | original)
    Nadir also analyzed a plugin for Photoshop that can greatly reduce digital noise: Boundary Noise Reduction has been compared to the most popular Noise Ninja, against which, in our opinion, there is still a little distant, nonsotante allows them to grasp some detail in more, but with a noise from the grain much larger.

  • Re: TopazLabs Denoise
    I have tried them all, Neat Image, Noise Ninja, Picture Cooler, etc, and the only one I would pay for (and have paid for) is TopazLabs Denoise. Slow but the very best of the lot in my humble opinion. -CaseyJ
    Yes it´s the best in companion with the lesser known Boundary Noise Reduction. -teodorian2


  • Preparing images for stock – getting rid of noise and banding
    As good as Noise Ninja is, my favorite is the Boundary Noise Reduction filter by Colormancer. It sells online for $65 US. [...] Both programs are excellent for noise reduction. In my experience, Boundary Noise Reduction is slightly better but could just as easily live with Noise Ninja.
    *Note: This blog post was discovered from using Google Alerts on the keyword "Colormancer".

  • Best RAW processor / noise reduction for GF1?
    I've been trying out different noise reduction plug ins in PS4. Most will work in Lightroom, some in Aperture, and some are available as stand alones. The two I've liked the most are Topaz DeNoise and Colormancer Boundary Noise Reduction. They are the slowest of the bunch, but the ability to really get rid of noise, and not lose much detail is quite amazing to me, after being used to what Adobe does. No messing with masking layers, etc. The demos are all free. The other two I've demoed have been Nik DeFine and Noise Ninja. There are others, also, and the people who seem most fluent in post processing tend to feel like each company is best in a specific area—I'm not there yet, and am very pleased with my experiences with both DeNoise and Boundary.

  • Re: Which Noise Reduction sofftware?
    The free version of Topaz is very slow, but the payed version not. Another good noise reduction plugin is the Boundary Noise reduction. The free version is already very usable and fast.


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  • Digital Outback Photo
    Colormancer Boundary Noise Reduction allows us to control the restriction to the shadows inside the noise filter. [...] This means only the very darkest areas of the image are effected by the noise removal. This is exactly what we want. This cleans the image nicely up without doing any harm the other image elements[.]

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