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Boundary Noise Reduction 2 lets you shoot in lower light conditions and rescue otherwise unusable photos. It removes noise while minimizing the loss of detail and avoiding the 'plastic' look of competing noise reduction plug-ins.

What our product does NOT do:

  • Render quickly. Competing products are faster.

What our product does do:

  • Sharper edges.
  • Less color smearing.
  • Ability to precisely target noise reduction to only the shadows, for situations where only the shadows need noise reduction.

Boundary Noise Reduction is slow... and we believe that it delivers the highest image quality compared to other noise reduction products.

Object-based noise reduction

Our secret? Boundary Noise Reduction detects object boundaries/edges and confines noise reduction within those boundaries. Our proprietary object-based approach leads to less blurring on edges than competing noise reduction plugins.

Processed via PictureCode Noise Ninja
Competing plug-in (Noise Ninja).
via Boundary Noise Reduction (left side shows Pictocolor Noise Ninja)
Boundary Noise Reduction.

Boundary Noise Reduction also results in less color smearing (e.g. less blurring on colored edges) as it detects edges during noise removal/reduction and avoids performing noise reduction over these object edges/boundaries. The comparison above shows less blurring especially on the colored edges of the string.

Smooth Area Detection

Our software comes bundled with an accessory filter (Smooth Area Detector) that can automatically generate mattes to isolate detail areas from smooth areas. This lets you tweak the noise reduction settings for different areas of the image.

Try the demo!

Don't take our word for it... see for yourself whether our noise reduction results in more detail, sharper edges, and less color smearing.
Try the demo on your own images

Installation is fast and easy: simply copy the demo plugin into your Photoshop plugins directory.

Boundary Noise Reduction is a Photoshop filter that competes against other noise reduction products such as Picturecode's Noise Ninja, Imagenomic's Noiseware, Nik Software's Dfine, Neat Image, etc.  This site is NOT the official site for Picturecode's Noise Ninja, Imagenomic's Noiseware, Nik Software's Dfine, Neat Image, etc.  Please see the respective websites for those Photoshop filters.  Thank you.

Try the demo

Download the demo. Installation is easy: simply copy the demo filter into your plugins directory!

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